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i feel like posting [19 Jun 2008|11:28pm]
nevermind, no i don't.
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check it out [08 Nov 2006|01:21pm]
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world of warcraft [29 May 2006|07:12pm]
now that i have a nice, new computer, i can run world of warcraft on it quite nicely. DOES ANYONE ELSE PLAY WOW?!? i need people i know on there, it'd be nice.
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do it! [20 Feb 2006|11:05pm]
Save The World - One Click At A Time!

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[14 Dec 2005|07:24pm]
i found this story about someone's cat whom they had applied flea medication (Hartz) to, and it's really sad. So read it before you poison your cat.
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factory farm cruelty essay i wrote [30 Nov 2005|05:20pm]
[ mood | depressed ]

even after 2 years of being a vegetarian and being into animal rights...I still cry when I really focus on it. and why not? it makes me feel awful how animals are treated today. anyway, this is an essay I wrote for a class. i know it's not the best piece of writing ever, but it's something i really care about. feedback would be appreciated. if you read it.

unheard criesCollapse )

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[05 Jun 2005|11:28am]

Friends Only

I'm not that picky...
just comment and i'll consider.
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